I’m a highly experienced professional who has worked in the fashion industry for decades. With a degree in Textile Design, I’ve worked behind the scenes in design roles at some of Australia’s most iconic brands.

I have insider knowledge about how brands develop their seasonal trends and ranges. I’ve travelled, visited factories, and seen how clothing and accessories are made. I understand the construction of fabrics and the importance of fit. Fashion is the only industry I’ve ever worked in. I am an expert.

I want women to embrace their body shape, enjoy colour and try new looks. I steer away from categories, templates and tape measures. With me, the only rule I have is - if you love it, wear it. 

My superpower? Put me in any shop and I’ll pick the top three items and style them to look great. I’ll do the same for your wardrobe. I’ll create versatile outfits with what you own, identify the missing items and build a curated wardrobe that is fabulous, functional and long-lasting.

Keen to have a wardrobe you wear and love, shop smarter, and learn my insider tips to become your own stylist? Click here to book a personalised one-on-one session, or tap here to join my next virtual styling group or masterclass.  

My Story

After years of designing, travelling and working in the creative fashion industry, I missed the buzz. I was lost in the depths of motherhood. An old boss and mentor gave life-changing advice: “Get your good clothes out and wear them. To the supermarket, the park, to school pick up.” I laughed. Then I had a wine and thought, “She’s right.”

I stepped out of the activewear and back into my wardrobe. Sharing daily outfits and style tips on Instagram, I discovered a loyal community of women keen for similar inspiration. I launched Penelope Styling in 2018 and have helped women globally find their fashion & style confidence ever since.


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